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Portrait, Landscape, or A Combination of Both – Which Book Layout is the Best

Designing the layout of a page can be extremely challenging, especially if you are looking at an empty screen. Where are you supposed to start? This article will give you a walk through on the foremost choices available for you as well as a discussion of the advantages and downsides of each.

First of all, you have to decide on the page orientation you would prefer to use in your book – portrait or landscape. Portrait orientation happens to be taller than wide. Landscape, similar to the actual landscape outside, is wider than tall.

Consumption influences form is supposed to be the guiding thought to apply whenever selecting page orientation. In what way do you wish people to browse through the content? Will they read the content on a desktop or a mobile device? Will there be many images, if not largely text? You have to decide based what your answers to these questions will be.

Portrait Orientation
A portrait orientation is commonly used for books that happen to be text-heavy. Our eyes can travel comfortably because the distance is nearer, compared to whenever we’re reading in a landscape version. You can definitely do something about that like creating various columns, if it’s in landscape. On the other hand, we generally prefer reading a larger presentation of the content.

Landscape Orientation
If you are going to support your content with several images, video, graphics, etc., you will want a landscape orientation. This will facilitate a more manageable time incorporating those. Landscape as an orientation will allow you to come up with additionally interesting layouts. This can as well as will prove to be more difficult, so it is important to make sure that all the layouts you have in mind really enhance your book and not serve as distractions.

A Combination of Both
Many people will involuntary want a book that has the two orientations. Be cautious. It is two times the work as well as extremely tricky to get the two orientations done perfectly.

The advantage to using the two orientations is apparently your readers will be able to choose. On the other hand, do you think that readers are given a good option if it does not appear right in any one of the orientation? Possibly not. It is best to stick with only one instead.

Additional Insight: Structure
Whenever you have made up your mind regarding page orientation, you will have to identify your book’s structure. Will the book have various chapters or otherwise? Will these chapters be divided into sub-sections? Do such sections require sub-sections?

The structure of a book ultimately influences the sort of book you are creating. If you intend to convey more information, then your book is going to probably need more structure.

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