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Why it Is Important To Keep Your Mind Sharp

At the time you were going to school, you must have been advised by teachers just like everyone else that, you will not be able to use calculators after school. All the teachers decided to tell their students that calculations out there are through mental and not calculators. As a result many students struggled with making sure that the accurate calculation is explicit and stored in the head. That means many ended up learning not only simple addition but multiplication and division as well. However it turns out that it is not about calculation or anything mathematical, but life is about critical thinking. You will need more in life than a calculator.

Something else that you may have heard is that humans use only 10% of their full brain. However there is not scientific proof over that statement and therefore cannot be treated as valid. What is important to note is that a lot is changing with the change in technology and many other things. People even those who do not like thinking are forced b circumstances o think.

When you think, you can conclude that a lot of what people learned in school does not hold water or apply to what they are today. There is a lot like the story of who discovered America that may not help you in your work today. As much as you feel that there was a lot is stories involved, there is more to it than just treating history like mere stories. You can click for more info on what you learned in school. There is a lot of info on the website that can remind of you of many things that you learned in school.

When people are in school they learn so much about things that you do not know how they will implement them in life. When it comes to English for example, n teacher will agree to your composition when you complete a sentence with a preposition. As you start using what you learned in school, you know that there is no law to the proposition. Although you may look at it that way; you will realize that you also need eloquent speech in life.

Sometimes learners think they need to stay in a place where there is no gravity pulling them down and limiting them in life. What may surprise you is that the pull of gravity is more elsewhere that where you think it is most. It is important to understand that the best thing is to overcome your limitations. Therefore it is essential not to affix blame on anyone, the most important thing is to learn how to live in the present situation. When you know how to think your way out, you will live a better life than the life of blaming others.

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