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Ten Nail Problem You Should Know To Protect Your Health

Nothing makes you feel more fantastic than looking down at a set of healthy, manicured nails.Having nails that look good is quite a good feeling. Healthy nails are a sign you not only care more about aesthetics, you care about your health as well. But declining nail health is a strong sign of something gone wrong on the inside. Nail problems are very easy to note at all times. However many individuals tend to assume these issues due to factors like aging and also the different type of shoe they wear. Attributing nail abnormalities to shoes nor is age is not true as one get to learn more about it on this website. Some of these nail defects are at times indicators of serious health issues that one should pay attention to. If you’ve noticed odd changes in your nails, check out these top nail problems and protect your health.

Occurrence of yellow nails. These issue points to some serious problems. The lesser may mean something as simple as aging or overuse of nail polish. Sometimes diagnosed medical conditions result in nail discoloring. You should seek medical help when such occur. If not, one is expected to pay close attention to their nails. Occurrence of dry and cracked nails. Clubbed nails happen when your nails curve around the ends of enlarged fingers and toes. This can also be explained as lack of adequate oxygen rich blood supply in the body. Often times this condition is hereditary and sometimes normal. However if someone was not born with dry nails, they should make sure that they have a health checkup.

Spoon nails. Healthy toe and finger nails have a pink nail plate with white nails that grow off the nail bed. A sign that you’ve developed spooned nails is curving at the ends of your nails.Spooned nails are indicators of lack of iron and liver issues.

The occurrence of white spotting in someone’s nails. This does not indicate lack of calcium. This is an indicator of trauma. Damage happened to your nail at some point. As a result of an auto repair system, the body dumped small deposits of calcium. The occurrence of Beau’s nails is also a problems. the occurrence of these type of nails is an indicator of stress. One should also be careful whenever nail pitting occurs. Pitting of the nails is the presence of small indentations in the nails-little dents. This at times is an indicator of psoriasis and thus one should seek medical attention immediately.

Occurrence of brown, yellow or purple nails. This is an indicator of some health problems. These black, brown, or purple spots link to several health conditions and deficiencies. At times it is just a simple nail bruising. But one should seek professional consultation. Nail fungus should also be handled with a lot of consideration. Fungus are should be taken serious at all times. One should seek consultation whenever they occur.