Jewelry & Fashion Make the Perfect Pair

A woman’s best friends are jewelry & fashion. The two go hand in hand and compliment each other in so many ways. Fashion can be enhanced with jewelry, and fine jewelry can make an outfit stand out. There aren’t any set-in-stone rules regarding how to put the two together, so simply have fun experimenting with different looks.


There’s a lot to be said about making a one-of-a-kind statement. The perfect pairing can do just that. A special necklace or a favorite pair of earrings when worn with a stylish outfit can add an element of surprise that personalizes the entire ensemble.


Trendsetting clothes can speak volumes when worn with the right accessories. A textured scarf or a chunky belt can add to an outfit in a dramatic way. Jewelry can do that, too. Whether it’s gold or silver, or a combination of both, a special piece can provide interest and intrigue that will liven up an understated outfit.


The key to pairing jewelry with clothing begins with knowing how much is enough when wearing it. When trying to draw attention a specific part of the body such as the face, for example, earrings might be a perfect choice. However, putting on bracelets may draw attention away from the face. It’s all about knowing how to use jewelry pieces to enhance a specific part of the body, a feature, or even an outfit.

Gold or Silver

Gold or silver, it really doesn’t matter which one. Wear whatever compliments the look that is trying to be achieved. In most cases, either one will work. In fact, sometimes it’s fun to mix the two together to achieve a personal style.

Fine Jewelry or Costume Pieces

Everyone has a preference for this. While fine metals are always preferable, they may not fit into the budget, or have the look that one is going for. In that case, costume jewelry can be a wonderful option. Just be careful to purchase costume jewelry that is high quality and well made, otherwise, it can cheapen the overall desired look.

Pairing jewelry with fashion can speak volumes about the wearer. A little or a lot, there’s no right answer. Simply wear what feels good. An outfit can be updated or transformed with the addition of a few special pieces. Remember, there are no rules when trying to pair jewelry with fashion.