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Favourite Quotes From Teachers In School Which May Not Be True

Education is emphasized worldwide because of its value in shaping a society. Teaching is one of the most valued careers and valued as a good to provide good guidance in the society. Though the main reason as to why teachers used to prefer using some of this terms is questionable, it is with no doubt that the attention paid to this quotes was high. This does not mean that things told in school are not useful or do not exist but some quotes teachers used to tell to encourage students or as part of learning process does not find a place today. Most teachers are proud of using terms which stick to learners mind you can find some from the section below.

Considerably one of the regarded quote which meant you need to memorize everything about calculations for you to pass. The key is in using your logic along with any other resource which can enable you to achieve what you want.

Teachers made you understand that you do not necessarily need much of your brain to achieve a lot but only a small percentage. The brain forms a major part of our body as the center of communication between the body and the external environment and each part of the brain has its own roles.

It was a norm to be told that you need to learn how to write in cursive because teachers in the upper level are not going to accept anything less than that. At the time of this myth it was actually true that particular handwriting was more preferred and a uniform one for that matter.

One of the greatest ever told story is about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the United States of America and the Caribbean. The Europeans you were made to believe are the ones who discovered American is a clear lie we all know, and that why some activists have been in the push to remove the name of Christopher Columbus from American History for they claim he did not contribute anything. As it turns out much of the read stories about the history of America is incorrect.

The Rules which applied to grammar such as you cannot end a sentence with a proposition have been overridden by modern writing. The aim is to make a meaningful sentence regardless of what comes where.

The story of gravity used to make more confusion than clarification to many learners. In the addition we are kept grounded by the same force of gravity without falling because only our feet are on the ground. There are founded evidence to prove that truly the force of gravity exists all over unlike what we were told in school back then.