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How Religion Helps in Addiction Recovery.

To many, addiction is a word that is used solely but in order to get a good idea about what it really is you might want to check on what Alice Miller says about addiction. Alice says addiction can be a symptom, a signal or even a sign of distress. Going further, Miller tells people that addiction is like a language that talks about a distress which people need to come to terms with.When you look at many religions there is a caution not to take too much alcohol or drugs. It is crucial to consider the role of religion in addiction.Does being religious help you stay sober? Is religion a prevention against addiction? Is it true that a lot of people who are keen on living religiously have a better stamina in staying clean and sober?According to research, losing faith might have effects similar to what happens when addicts can no longer get their desired drugs. When things are not going well a lot of spiritual people tend to lose hope and faith thinking that God has abandoned them. However, if you understand that spirituality is not just about making you feel comfortable all the time you will be able to hold on. Those hard times can help you grow your faith and gain the courage to rise from the dust. With this knowledge, you will never be the same again.

Traditionally, addiction wasn’t managed with the religion aspect in it. However, there have been changes which are geared towards a holistic approach. A lot of people have been able to turn their lives around since spirituality has been introduced in helping deal with addiction. Studies have shown that people who attend religious services regularly and follow the teaching tend to stay away from indulging in drug use, smoking and even taking alcohol. Also, those who lean on the sobriety groups organized by the local religious communities have a high chance of making it through. This is why a lot of people prefer Christian rehabs to the ordinary ones. It might be the belief that with God on your side things get easier.

Everyone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is likely to have an underlying physical or emotional pain he or she is trying to mask. It might be the lack of support system that pushes them to drugs or alcohol. In the religious meetings which help them to stay sober there is a sense of love and support and this gives them the feeling that someone cares. You will know there is somewhere you can go where people will listen without judging and show you love and this will make you hesitate before you pick up the brown bottle or even use drugs. You can click here for more details on addiction and religion.