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Straightforward Guide to Getting a 462 Visa

A 462 Visa offers the privilege of vacationing and working in Australia for a period of one year. (Note that this is separate from a Working Holiday Visa, which is intended for different countries and has less stringent requirements.)


To get a 462 visa, you should have a valid passport from one of 23 countries, including the United States. You also have to be 18 to 31 years old on the date of application. The requirements get more specific from here:

> Funds of least 5,000 Australian dollars or $3,700 as proof that you can support yourself while in Australia

> Passing a health exam and meet other health requirements

> Police certificate from any country in which you resided for at least a year at any point within in the last 10 years

Zero unsettled debt to the Australian government

> Educational requirements (US citizens only need to provide a high school diploma)


A Work and Holiday visa application comes with a fee of 450 Australian dollars (some $334), excluding credit card and other processing fees. The final amount you pay should be closer to $365.

Online Application for American Citizens

American citizens cannot submit a usual paperwork application for a 462 Visa. Instead, you have to do it through the Australian government’s website, except when you have a child who is a minor (below 18). If that is the case, you’ll have to contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Waiting Time

It takes about 34 days to process 75% of 462 visas, and the rest, around 80 days.


Each country eligible for a 462 visa has an annual quota. Since the visa year starts every first of July, applications submitted within July or August are guaranteed a spot.

What You Can Do in Australia with a 462 Visa

As said earlier, the basic purpose of a 462 visa is to have a vacation as well as to work for a year. Since the Australian government doesn’t want you to work during your whole visit, you will be allowed to work a maximum of six months for each employer. They will let you work beyond six months, but at another job.

Aside from working, you can also study for a maximum of four months during your visit. (Work and study time can be continuous or non-continuous.)

Second 462 Visa

To get second visa, you have to spend a minimum of three months in any approved industry in Northern Australia (plant and animal agriculture, tourism, fishing and pearling, and tree farming and felling). It is not necessary to work for three straight months, but the total amount of time you spent on paid work should be three months (volunteering will not count). Finally, second 462 visas have no quotas.