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Elaborate Guide for Writing Fight Scenes

You will rarely miss fight scenes in the novels that you read, and they are used by most writers to describe conflicts in the story and make it exciting to readers. In some cases, fight scenes are not as fascinating as they should be because the writers have not mastered the writing of the scenes. Most authors do not write about real-life stories that they encountered and thus, writing about fight scenes is challenging because they are trying to imagine the events or if they were at the fight scene, then it would not be possible to write about everything as they occurred. If you are having a problem with writing action and fight scenes, then this article discusses some vital aspects that you should consider.

Make sure that the fight enhances plot and development of the character. If you are writing about a fight scene, do not do it for the sake of it but it should be purposeful. The fight should be objective, and it should contribute immensely to the plot of the story or development of character but do not write about fight scenes when it does not bring any value to the story. Only include the fight scene if it impacts on the plot and direction of the story and it is also a major point that affects later events. Give the fight a meaning and not just a passing event in the story.

Avoid over-description of the scene. In an attempt to paint the picture of a fight scene, writers tend to over-describe the events. That is not the right way to write about the scenes, and you should pay attention to the acts and not the description of the environment and persons involved. Preferably, you should use a lot of verbs to describe the action but not the adjectives that do not add much value. Then, do not write everything that happens at the fight scene but focus on the essential aspects that give the reader a true picture of occurrences. You should only write about relevant things in the action and fight scenes.

Attach emotions to the fight scene. Do not just describe the physical actions in the fight but you should also attach emotions. Do not just bring in a fight in a story line from nowhere but explain the sequence of events that lead to the fight. Bring out the picture of the feelings of the characters and other happenings.

Try to be realistic. A lot of authors always want to make the fight scenes the most interesting part of the story, and they forget to be realistic. For instance, do not write about a character that beats up everyone without getting a scratch out of all the fights and he is in excellent condition to last several other fights. Writing about fights as they would appear in real life would not be interesting, but that does not give you the chance to exaggerate excessively.

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