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Tried and Tested Tips to Help you Get Over Procrastination

It is estimated at least 20 percent of people today consider themselves procrastinators. A procrastinator is someone that will never complete doing stuff, always postponing to a later date. If deep down your heart you feel you are in this habit, you have some good news in the form of this website. Continue reading to discover more and better ways to handle your situation so you can avoid procrastination.

Start by having a clear definition of your goals for the day. No doubt it’s difficult to remain organized and get things done if you have no idea what needs to be done in the first place. How about you set a reminder on your computer or phone just to help ensure you remain on track, failure to which the cycle will keep on repeating itself. In case the goal of the day is big, how about you break it down into tiny bits of tasks to avoid getting overwhelmed and giving up along the journey.

Armed with a list of goals for the day, the next important step is to prioritize the list based on the importance of items on the said list. The most important task could be your hardest task of the day and having it first on the list can motivate you to continue working on the rest of the items on the list. You don’t want to feel like you are being pulled in so many different directions, now do you; so avoid multitasking under all costs.

Always keep a journal of activities for each particular day, especially if you feel like you cannot account for your time. Having a journal helps you review your productivity so you can see areas that need improvement. A little motivation will definitely keep you going, so be sure to motivate yourself along the journey as well with some reward. This is not where you get a bank loan and buy yourself a car, no, a small token of appreciation and motivation will definitely keep you going towards attaining your goals.

Distractions are detrimental to your success so you might want to avoid them under all costs. You do not have to answer that email or text message just because it came in. Most people have a habit of shoving tasks aside when they stop in the middle of the task. Always take a break and schedule periods in between tasks where you can respond to that text or email that came in. Of course, a break means you will be avoiding mental fatigue as well by the end of the day. Always take only that which you can handle, the rest you can always ask for help, it is never a sign of weakness to delegate.