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Best Spots for Italian Food.

Italy is a beautiful country that is filled with history and that would explain why thousands of people tour the European destination. Food is amazing and its diversity with different people of the world is something worth being explored especially if food makes you tick. If you are looking forward to the next trip that you and your partner have been planning, then you need to make it Italy because there is a number of restaurants prepared to give a time to remember. With good plans you are bound to make that time special and therefore before you set off consider making some reservations with some of the best choices below.

Venice is one of a kind destination to be in, when there you have some great places to choose from when you want to eat out. Venice-Osteria Boccadoro has some great sea food and on top of that it takes you away from the busy streets and there you enjoy some privacy as you enjoy some of the best food the City has to offer. Combine all that with wine that comes in a wide range and you have a perfect dinning experience. Cesare al Casaletto in Rome will awe you with their fine menu of some Italian classics with an impressive selection of wine too. The pizza you find in the restaurant is made from the finest ingredients and you can also opt for the pasta alla gricia that is well known internationally. La Grotta Trattoria in Tuscany will impress you right when you walk into it as its carved into a rock in the hills and that gives you a view that you can only visualize. Antipasto ,three pasta courses that includes wide boar and wood pigeon entre is what you find here, the restaurant has no menu and that is bound to impress, they also have a good selection of wine and desert. To discover more on this, open our page.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a restaurant that has made a its name in the field thanks to how it stands out in what it offers to its customers. The restaurant offers you a pizza that has been made from ingredients used from the original days and you enjoy that with margherita. In Genoa Pizzeria kebab SoleLuna kind of brings a touch of Naples to you but with great dining atmospheres, here you have pizza and Kebab that is also affordable for you. Enoteca Pinchiorri offers you an experience you can never replicate or find anywhere else, it’s for those who want world class Italian dining experience , the wine and the food here gets attended by the best of the best.

The city of Verona has much more to offer in terms of amazing food apart from love, when you pop in at Il Desco you will be wowed by wine and the food that greets you. Ratana is an amazing restaurant in the city of Milan that lets you understand the meaning of world class food. Bologna boasts of a small restaurant that needs an advance booking but when you sit down for a meal, you get to acknowledge it is worth it all.