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Softball Season: Yet Another Great Year For UCLA’s Softball Team

Learn about this year’s softball season, under the wing of the Women’s College World Series or WCWS, the UCLA Bruins softball team fought hard as they maneuvered their way the top, however sadly, they were not able to win, continue to read more about the details below.

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The comeback is real for The Bruins as they made their way back to the top after suffering quite a few downfalls along the way proving that there is no better way to go than up! The Bruins did not back down even if the team has a behind a couple times they decided to rise above the circumstances, their perseverance was the driving force that leads them to a third-place WCWS finish.

What lead The Bruins to their success was their will to strive no matter how hard getting back up is, this characteristic is a vital one in making any team an indestructible.

Rachel Garcia was back and she was on fire, dominating the games by being a hitter and a pitcher, she also garnered quite a few awards for her exemplary performance this includes being ESPNW Nation Player of the Year. She has helped belt the record-breaking 29-4 for The Bruins record this year while she is still a sophomore, talk about game strong for such a young lady! Her incredible performance is a proof that she deserves her titles, the crowd will be seeing so much more from this MVP in the coming seasons.

There are quite a few problems in along the games wherein The Bruins MVP Rachel Garcia step out in the early earnings leading the UCLA to its final loss, they are still able to reach third place.

Under the leadership of Kelly Inouye-Perez The Bruins showed impeccable team spirit as they hovered their way towards third place, it was not an easy game and the team fought hard despite a few fallbacks this is a sign that the softball industry will be expecting quality performances from this team.

Unfortunately, seniors have to leave and there is no denying the softball fans will miss them, this includes Selina Ta’amillo and Johanna Grauer both amazing pitchers whos pitches concluded the games, surely they would be missed. If one leaves, another arrives, that would leave us guessing who are the new talents The Bruins will recruit next for another victorious game.

This year’s downfall will be next year’s triumph, there is more in store for the fans as well as surprise kicks for The Bruins’ next opponent, surely they will build their team stronger than ever before.