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Elements to web design are of seven types. One of the elements is having plenty of white space which is attractive and is defined as the amount of empty space that acts as a buffer between the elements on your page. The side bar, copy and margins are some of the page elements in which the white space acts as a buffer. The importance of the white space is it allows the website not to be overcrowded and results to a clean design that is organized. A reader can navigate easily through a page by keeping the site open even as many websites are adapting minimalistic styles. Everything of a business is outlined using a strong color palette which helps create cohesiveness.

Having both primary and secondary colors by companies creates more room in working with creation of web design elements such as the resource database, blogs and landing pages. Incorporation of colors to the site is an important aspect as too many colors results to the site being visually distracting. The site can be focused on well by using simplified color schemes or color combinations. In functionality of the website, a clean backend coding is an important element to web design. Not only does a clean backend coding result in functionality of the site but also effective navigation, loading quickly and converting visitors into lead clients. Boosting elements of the SEO are used in web design elements.

Design tricks such as title tags, meta tags among others are contained in the SEO boosting elements and aid in ranking high of the site in Google search engine. The design tricks need to be filled out, optimized and tweaked so as to be relevant to the site. Also design for the first user is another web design tip in which the site should be user friendly before considering ranking and ratings. A website should be fast and immediate and thus speed optimization should be considered. The skills and discipline employed in producing and maintaining websites is web design. The skills needed in web design are communication and marketing design. The user interface design affects the quality of the layout. The interactive design and user experience are skills needed in web design.

The use of social media, videos, search engines, emails and blogging are involved in web marketing. Software systems that are created to search for information on the world wide web are known as search engines. Web marketing consists of several benefits which are; cost effectiveness, build relationships, measurable, focus, easy adaption and editing, and easy to determine return on investment.

Businesses are very helpful to its customers by providing real time solutions in order to build relationships. Also the businesses is able to start up conversations that lead to growth, trust and strong relationships with their clients.

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